Who's Cumming?

Reg ID Hash Handle/Name Hash Kennel/Home Paid
81Soaked ArseÅrhus H3Yes
278Sweaty BallsÅrhus H3Yes
166SquareHeadÅrhus H3Yes
111Butt lips Århus H3Yes
27Late CommerÅrhus H3Yes
97Massive Attack Århus H3Yes
16RighthangingÅrhus H3Yes
19SpidermanÅrhus H3Yes
70BlondD Århus H3Yes
2432.8 SecondsÅrhus H3Canceled
158Belches with WolvesZurich H3Yes
102Unholy Nipples Whitehouse H3Yes
104Black Cock Blocker (BCB)Whitehouse H3Yes
224Plug West London H3Yes
100Dingo West London H3Yes
101ForeskinWest London H3Yes
155Pickled FartWest London H3Yes
275Man MagnetWest London H3Yes
44Handle With CareVIP H3Yes
21Dancing QueenVIP H3Yes
251My Pint of ViewVindobona Hash House HarrierYes
179Casting CouchVindobona H3Canceled
188Joy StickVindobona H3Yes
180TwoBobVindobona H3Canceled
228AfterglowVienna H3Yes
260KumaYudaTokyo Samurai H3Yes
53Ban the CockThe Hague H3Yes
51Double Dutch MountainThe Hague H3Yes
74PlaytexThe Hague H3Yes
67Dead Ó FartThe Hague H3Yes
114Love BoatTema H3Canceled
115Just JoeTema H3Canceled
283Swing Bloody LowTbilisi, GeorgiaYes
20CosmoTacoma H3Yes
68DusseldorkSubicH3 / Crap-HashCanceled
31Elephant-FuckerSubic Bay H3 / Hannover H3Yes
43DumboSubic Bay H3 / Hannover H3Yes
149AlmoranasSubic Bay H3Yes
205TinkerbellSubic Bay H3Canceled
10Chief-Tucker FuckerSubic Bay H3Yes
273DorkSubic Bay H3Yes
163Best friend from behindStuttgart H3Canceled
26Blue MoonStuttgart H3Yes
79Ready 4the Shot Stuttgart H3Yes
77Hello Kitty FuckerStuttgart H3Yes
54Just One Hard Nipple Stuttgart H3Yes
23Shut UpStuttgart H3Yes
61PhotocopulatorStuttgart H3Yes
40Missionary I'm PossibleStuttgart H3Yes
164One in Every PortStuttgart H3Yes
196V.D. VikingSPOR&DICYes
195Ingrid LarssenSPOR&DICYes
208Bone Her PartsSHITSCanceled
30GoldilocksSembach H3Yes
119Uncomfortably Thumbed Sembach H3Canceled
152Easily SatisfiedSembach H3Yes
3Double DickheadSembach H3Yes
127Missionary Impossible Sembach H3Yes
153If the Glove fits, cum in itSembach H3Yes
147Pat BonetarSembach H3Yes
9Man HoarderSembach H3Yes
69Putin My SisterSembach H3Yes
42But His NutSembach H3Canceled
129Squeaky QueenSembach H3Canceled
138SupermanSembach H3Canceled
165Bus Buster Sembach H3Canceled
32Sir Lost a LotSembach H3Yes
270AusfahrtSembach H3Yes
108Cum So Hard Me DieSembach H3Canceled
116Takes 3 2 Make Me CumSembach H3Yes
182Just MelissaSembach H3Yes
82Tig O'BittiesSembach H3Canceled
117Purple VeinSembach H3Canceled
93Better Laid Than NeverSembach H3Canceled
139Fay whiteSembach H3Canceled
2Four BrosSembach / Okinawa / Wandering WhoreYes
203Just RuzaSchaffhausen H3Canceled
198Johnny ASchaffhausen H3Canceled
89MaBouche Sans ClueCanceled
183Duchess of CambridgeRiviera H3Yes
238Mobile DickRabid Danes H3Yes
65Watering MatyldaPrague H3Yes
162¡Łåâáà!Prague H3Canceled
249Blew Loose SealPrague H3Yes
160Snow Means NoPrague H3Canceled
190Paprika SmileyPattaya HashCanceled
254Rubber GloveONH3Yes
276Double Flipped ObelixONH3Yes
15Little EruptionNOMADS H3Yes
193Just TaniaMunich H3Yes
221Big Mans Willy (B..M..W..)Munich H3Yes
83Chillbox Munich H3Yes
220Betty BoopMunich H3Yes
63Birdbrian Munich H3Yes
88Gay SailorMunich H3Yes
4Mother Fucking TeresaMunich H3Yes
92Billy Boy Munich H3Yes
265Messiah Moon Over Huronia (MOH4)Yes
258Madam SinManchester H3Yes
256Not Half BadMadrid HHHYes
252Calendar GirlLost Boobs PhoenixCanceled
239Titanic DickheadLondon H3Yes
134SkylarkLondon H3Yes
90Stupid HoeJax/Altenglan H3Canceled
59Full Of SpunkIstanbul/Berlin H3Yes
157Four’n’TwentyInverness SthlmYes
264Mad Dog and Kennel KeeperHobartCanceled
279Grandpa Bart SimpsonHildesheim Hills Hash House HarriersYes
191Wicked Witch of the WetHeidelberg Hash House HarriersYes
192The Whiz of the HashHeidelberg Hash House HarriersYes
257Too SoonHanoi H3Canceled
145HorseHannover H3Yes
141Father BrownHannover H3Yes
181Old RockHannover H3Canceled
202CoghHannover H3Yes
200Little AdonisHannover H3Yes
199Blue PillHannover H3Yes
135SalmonellaHannover H3Yes
168HobbldehoyHannover H3Yes
148SnotEnoughHannover H3Yes
159Queen of ShotsHannover H3Yes
186Back Alley Sally (BAS)Hannover H3Yes
169Fit For FunHannover H3Yes
137High FlyHannover H3Yes
185St BernardHannover H3Yes
178Hippoty HopHannover H3Yes
247On - OnHannover H3Yes
262Just YassHannover H3Yes
246Head JobHannover H3Yes
248LiquoriceHannover H3Yes
261Just MartinHannover H3Yes
230Just JunaHannover H3Yes
229PebblesHannover H3Yes
227Rolling StoneHannover H3Yes
210Double PounderHannover H3Yes
217Doggy StyleHannover H3Canceled
274Come AlongHamsterland, erh, AMSTERDAMYes
55KnickerlessHamburg VIP H3Yes
71DealerHamburg VIP H3Yes
58ZeroHamburg VIP H3Canceled
84Just DirkHamburg VIP H3Canceled
6Divechicken Hamburg VIP H3Yes
24Sperm DonorHamburg VIP H3Yes
219Ball TosserHamburg H7Canceled
218Peep ShowHamburg H7Canceled
96Pant in the CountryHamburg H7Yes
36Squashed FlatHamburg H7Yes
8BoozeHamburg H7Yes
150Dr.P NellieHamburg H7Yes
214LongshanksHamburg H7Yes
231Dirty DeedsGoNAD H3Canceled
86Rumple GoNAD H3Yes
269No Name for nowFreetown Hash House Harriers Canceled
28Automatic BallsFrankfurt Vineyard H3Yes
38Time for BedFrankfurt Vineyard H3Yes
50SwansFrankfurt H3Yes
263Nip Young CumFrankfurt H3Yes
18STDFrankfurt H3Yes
175Hanseatic SlutFrankfurt H3Yes
126 HellcatFrankfurt H3Yes
39GreaseFrankfurt H3Yes
161Father AbrahamFrankfurt H3Yes
49Gypsy Rose Frankfurt H3Yes
189Ice HoleFrankfurt H3Yes
80Slippy noStockingsFrankfurt H3Canceled
236Quick Thing Frankfurt H3Yes
226AkuFrankfurt H3Yes
105Wrangler Frankfurt H3Yes
106Knicker ElasticFrankfurt H3Canceled
107Lecher MagooFrankfurt H3Canceled
118Weenie BikiniFrankfurt H3Yes
121NiceboyFrankfurt H3Yes
122Cyber Donkey SexFrankfurt H3Yes
2852nd Row HookerFrankfurt H3Yes
1Tasty PissFILTH H3Yes
140Tuna MeltFILTH H3Yes
45Boar WhoreFILTH H3Yes
99Give It A BlowFILTH H3Yes
98Start Me UpFILTH H3Yes
142OpeeFILTH H3Yes
284Yoron WeedDUFF H3 Yes
62Wicked BeaverDublin H3Canceled
237Red Blood Gives You Wiiings!Dublin H3Canceled
144Uniporn Dresden H3Canceled
131Wouldn't ChewDIVA H3/ Brussels Manneke Piss H3Yes
201Yoga PornDiva H3Yes
151Shut up & Bend overDiva H3Yes
94EZ OverDiva H3Yes
259Thomas the Drank EngineCork Full Mooney H3Yes
240Triple Dickhead Copenhagen Viking WankersYes
14CalapsoCopenhagen Viking WankersYes
241Joint Venture Copenhagen Viking WankersYes
25Fanny ChillCopenhagen Viking WankersYes
110BigglesCopenhagen H3Yes
112E.T.Copenhagen H3Yes
167Little Sperm MaidCopenhagen H3Canceled
244WHAM!Copenhagen H3Yes
172CommoncockColombo H3Canceled
184AeugeleColombo H3Yes
173Any Cock Will DoColombo H3Canceled
35Run2EatCity of London/Bad DecisionsYes
268Under NicoleChina hashYes
47Bull's eyeChina HashYes
267Licken Sie HoleChina HashYes
212Boh Til You BaaCharm City H3 (Baltimore, MD)Yes
223Blood Stained ClothingCatch the Hare H3Canceled
222Going CommandoCatch the Hare H3Yes
197GoldfingerCambridge H3Yes
194SlapheadCambridge H3Yes
146While you're down thereCambridge H3Yes
143Double TopCambridge H3Yes
281Khal Drunko the TurdC.R.A.P. H3Yes
282PearlVisionC.R.A.P. H3Yes
233Fat Girls MattressC.R.A.P. H3Canceled
154NobleLocksC.R.A.P. H3Yes
133Cunning LinguistC.R.A.P. H3Yes
132Herr LinguistC.R.A.P. H3Yes
206Nothing SpecialC.R.A.P. H3Yes
207Worzel GummidgeC.R.A.P. H3Yes
266Bleeding from BelowBrusselsYes
216Just JürgenBraunschweig Hash House HarriersCanceled
215Just BirgitBraunschweig Hash House HarriersCanceled
204Just IsmailBraunschweig Hash House HarriersCanceled
113Pussy RiderBNG H3Canceled
123PorkymonBNG H3Canceled
41Treasure ChestBMPH3Yes
125Just LouisaBMPH3Yes
75Never FinnishBMPH3Yes
177Any Cock Will DoBMPH3Yes
85Yarkie BMPH3Yes
235Moule en RougeBMPH3Yes
95Lady Blah BlahBMPH3Yes
234Pink PantherBMPH3Canceled
176Dr. NoBMPH3Yes
109OctoberfleshBerlin H3Yes
136Semen on the PewBerlin H3Yes
29SymphomaniacBerlin H3Yes
13Top HalfBerlin H3Yes
33Schlong ShotBerlin H3Canceled
280Silent PBerlin H3Yes
37RingpieceBerlin H3Yes
91Ich Been LaidenBerlin H3Yes
170Kiss me KindlBerlin H3Yes
171Hand in HorseBerlin H3Yes
52Toilet TinderBerlin H3Canceled
17PopoliciousBerlin H3Yes
232MidgeBerlin H3Canceled
174High OctaneBerlin H3Yes
64Short Fat and BlackBerlin H3Canceled
76Ponies in my ButtBerlin H3Yes
124Just AshleyBerlin H3Canceled
73Hot ClimaxBerlin H3Yes
34Guinea PigBergen H3Yes
156Come ever timeBergen H3Yes
57BambiBergen H3Canceled
22Foggy GlassesBergen H3Yes
72Muff DiverBergen H3Yes
66HeadlessBergen H3Canceled
60Hara KariBergen H3Canceled
48Deep ThroatBergen H3Yes
213Just SophieBaltimore Annapolis H3 (BAH3)Yes
209War n PieceASS H3Yes
2252mistakesAngeles City H3 PhilippinesYes
242Shockingly EasyAmsterdam H3Yes
12Slot MachineAltenglan H3/Sembach H3Canceled
130Chuck It UpAltenglan H3/Sembach H3Canceled
128Miss DirectionAltenglan H3/Sembach H3Canceled
120Bend over BarbieAltenglan H3Yes
103Coitus InterruptusAltenglan H3Yes
11Slippery EdgeAltenglan H3Yes
7Great Balls of FireAltenglan H3Yes
46Too lazy to swallowAltenglan H3Yes
5Just in beaver Altenglan H3Yes
56Gay-HoAltenglan H3Yes
250Ask SeamusAloha Hash House HarriersCanceled
271Peel A PenisACH3Yes
211Totopaedic doctorAbuja hash house harriers (AH3) Canceled